If— czyli list do syna20170113070050

If— czyli list do syna

Dzisiejszy wpis należy do tych niezwykłych. Bowiem każdy dzień przynosi nową radość, nową nadzieję. Gdy pytam mych znajomych: Hi, what's new?...


Kacper Lachowski01/28/2016, , 0 comments
Winter Poem20160112111100

Winter Poem

Kacper Lachowski01/12/2016, , , 0 comments
Black sparkling satin stretches taught from horizon to horizon....
Tangerine Sherbert Melting Down my Pinky20151007111100

Tangerine Sherbert Melting Down my Pinky

Tangerine sherbert melting down my pinky,...
Twirl in circles20150508184400

Twirl in circles

Kacper Lachowski05/08/20150 comments
Twirl in circles, Round Sun, Wednesday, or Summer....
The pebble gets wedged in the sand20150417193000

The pebble gets wedged in the sand

Kacper Lachowski04/17/2015, , , , , , 2 comments
A dull pain pushes into my foot. The pebble gets wedged in the sand....


Kacper Lachowski04/04/2015, , , , 0 comments
Matte pastels and yellowed whites, wilted flower....
Charcoal on Canvas20150328093000

Charcoal on Canvas

Charcoal on Canvas Sketches of stories etched in my mind. Itching to look for what I never find. Halogen lamp on a naked, stark lonely face hiding in ...