Pora wspomnień i podsumowań, przyszła do mnie tak nagle... to jest bardzo dobre! Rok temu czwartego maja, zespol Rammstein po ponad 9 letniej przerwie, a raczej zakazie koncertowanie na ziemi amerykanskiej zagral w Allstate Arena, Rosemont. Byla to druga amerykanska trasa po zakazie. Jak zwykle wywolujac niezly szum w mediach i podczas koncertu! A dzialo sie wiele.


tym razem tekst w jezyku angielskim:

This could easily be called the show of shows! Although, the phrase may have multiple hidden meanings, no other band can overwhelm a spectator the way Rammstein does. Not only serving their over the top heavy industrial grooves, but delivering a state of the art pyrotechnic extravaganza.

As this writer is attempting to present a fair account of the show, one question keeps creeping back over and over again. The question of course is: what did not happen? The band served up a very intense show with so many pyrotechnic effects, one could barely keep up, and swallow it all in one big gulp.

Rammstein came on strong musically and visually. They were promoting their recent “Made In Germany” compilation, and pretty much gave a performance reflecting the highlights of their long and “explosive” career. With two solid hours of heavy music, explosives, and theatrics, one had to go home satisfied and “burned” to the bone.

The band delivered their songs in their native German, but had many in the crowd singing along with them. As good as the music was, it was the theatrics that took over. Just imagine microphone stands catching on fire as the band is performing. Multiple explosions, or singer, Till Lindemann, getting under a shower of fire sparkles making him barely visible. Just about every song was choreographed in a unique way. The band members often were covered or connected to various gadgets breathing fire, and all of it was happening while the group played, not missing a single note.

Rammstein showed a good sense of humor as well. The interaction between the Lindemann, and keyboards player, Christian Lorenz, was often funny and entertaining. With Lindemann sometimes making complaining gestures about Lorenz, and throwing fire punches. Lorenz would not only play but had a do his daily workout as the floor under his feet was moving, and he was walking or gently jogging throughout the show.

The highlight, and there were many, was during “Mein Teil,” when Lindemann wheeled a massive kitchen pot on stage, all covered in smoke, and once the lid opened, Lorenz got out, and played his keyboards while standing inside. Lindemann, dressed as a butcher with knife-shaped microphone, was of course trying to cook Lorenz, often sending waves of fire to the pot. An unbelievable visual that simply needs to be seen. And let’s not forget Lorenz stepping into a rubber boat and taking a quick ride through the ecstatic crowd.

Towards the end of the show, the band moved to the middle of the venue, and performed on a miniature stage in the round. They got there on a specially lowered bridge, chained on a leash like dogs while he was whipped by drummer Christoph Schneider, who was wearing a woman’s wig. Theatrics galore! Rammstein gave multiple encores, including the long awaited, “Amerika,” but the crowd continuously longed for more.

Other bands play, Rammstein burns! There is no other show like it. Words can only take you so far, look at the images, feel the spirit. Incredibly creative and breathtaking performance. Once you see Rammstein live, the experience is forever “burned” into your conscience!

Mark Kadzielawa

na zakonczenie zapraszam do obejrzenia zdjec z podkladem muzycznym LINK



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