Marbin just released their third album, “Last Chapter Of Dreaming,” and this show was part of their record release weekend. The band was introducing their new songs, and promoting the recently released album. As usual, it was an evening filled with great music, and soft beautiful sounds. Marbin now expanded into a quartet and is a very dangerous group on stage. You get the great interaction from the two founders, guitarist Dani Rabin, and saxophonist, Danny Markovitch. The addition of drummer Justyn Lawrence, and newly acquired bass player, Jae Gentile, adds to the overall fullness of the sound. The band played flawlessly.

he new songs worked really well alongside the now classic tracks from Marbin. And, yes, they are able to reproduce everything live. Dani’s guitar transforms from sounding most elegant and gentle to razor-sharp dementia. He’s truly a mesmerizing player, and what a tone! Danny’s saxophone often creating the overall rhythm, and just vibrating all over the place. His knack for melodies is very impressive, and his delivery simply speaks for itself. The interaction is very interesting to watch, as they don’t step on each other’s toes. It’s admirable to see how much space each player gives to the other, without really losing a beat. On the contrary, they often join each other in harmonies. The mix of Rabin’s guitar tone, and Markovitch’s saxophone creates that mystical middle-eastern feel. Often reminiscent to what Led Zeppelin achieved in “Kashmir,” in regard to the sound of course. The duo often comes across very sonically serene. And let’s not forget the incredible rhythm section. They truly add to the magic, providing a solid springboard for the two soloists.

Having experienced Marbin live several times, this writer is full of admiration for their talent and charisma they bring on stage. And no show is really the same, which makes each experience special. Marbin delivers passion and virtuosity each time they step on stage.

Mark Kadzielawa


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